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  Registration (old information)
Updated information will be coming soon!
To register for classes, simply print & complete the .pdf form below.
Submit via mail to the address listed on the last page of the document.
Payments can be made by via PayPal (using the button below) or by mailed check.

Registration Fee (due Oct 1st)

1 student       -   $150/school year

2 students     -   $290/school year

3 students     -   $420/school year

4+ students   -   $540/school year

Note: All beginning violin & viola students must make a $30 deposit for a bow buddy.  The bow buddy is a small rubber device that attaches to the bow to ensure that the student holds the bow properly.  Once the teacher has determined that the student no longer needs the bow buddy, we will refund your deposit. (Please never remove the bow buddy yourself  -  you may damage the bow!)

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