• Heidi Erickson

Guitar Assignments 02/11/2020

Thank you to the teachers & students who subbed for Rupert this week when he was sick! Below is a quick summary of what each class covered. (Guitar 3 is continuing with last week's set list until further notice, with the addition of pg 22-23.)

Guitar 1

A B C D E F# G A

Black keys = # up 1/2 step

1 sharp = F#

Review pg 26-27, 57-60; pg 23, 49-50

Review: (6-5-4-3-2-1, then strum)

- G7 & C chords

- E7 & Am chords

Snake Charmer from Ensemble Book

Guitar 2

Method Book: pg 26-29 & 31-32; review 22-25

Numbers 1&2 from chord handout

Anything else you worked on!

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