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  Instrument Rental
Instruments are expensive. End of story.
That is why we are pleased to offer a small collection of instruments
in a variety of sizes available to you at low cost.
Camp Week Rental Fee    -    $20
Violin/viola (school year)   -    $120 - $200
Cello/bass   -    $200
Violins & violas are available to purchase. If you purchase an instrument from us, we will be on board to buy it back from you in exchange for a larger instrument as your child grows. When you exchange or sell back an instrument, we will refund
the original purchase price minus $20 (to cover replacement strings
or bow rehairing, as needed).
Cellos & basses are available to rent. These larger instruments are definitely more pricey, and being able to simply rent smaller sizes makes it affordable while children are still hitting growth-spurts every few months. The rental cost can be applied toward an eventual purchase (final cello price ~ $600 - $800).
We do not currently offer harps or guitars for rent or purchase.
Don't have what you need?
Try renting from Ted Brown Music or simply purchasing your own.
Shar Music offers inexpensive but playable instruments for sale
(be sure to order a case, bow, rosin and Everest shoulder rest!).
If purchasing online, beware! Inexpensive instruments sold on the internet
may require additional work by a luthier (costing at minimum $50 - $100)
before they can be played or tuned properly. 
Finding the correct instrument size matters!
Before purchasing or renting, always be sure to get measured.
We are happy to help you figure out which size you need.
Have an instrument you'd like to pass along?
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