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  Chamber Ensemble      

The Home School Strings Chamber Ensemble is configured as a double string quartet.  Enrollment is by audition.  This is because a large amount of repertoire must be covered in one hour of rehearsal time per week and each individual is responsible to learn their own part primarily outside of class.  It is recommended that members additionally take private lessons.

Besides ability, admittance into Chamber is also based on availability.  The 2015-16 academic year had 12 performances, some of which are scheduled at the beginning of the year, and some on a mere weeks' notice.

Young Musicians' Festival
Christmas at the Mall
Christmas Eve service at Poulsbo Community Church
HSS Christmas Party

HSS Winter Concert
Honors Recital

KMTA Music Carnival
Paint Out Poulsbo Art competition.
HSS Spring Concert
HSS Picnic
Homeschool curriculum fair

Your Chamber Audition will take place the first week of class, time to be determined.

Please prepare the following:

*         A three-octave major scale

*         A three-octave melodic minor scale

*         A solo or orchestral excerpt

You will be evaluated in the following areas:

*         Playing an excerpt at sight

*         Rhythm

*         Posture/control

*         Pitch/tone

*         Physical technique

You may also be asked to play an additional 3-octave scale or execute a rhythm drill.  Don't feel prepared?  Please audition anyway!  Our teachers would be happy to give you direction for improvement and perhaps your particular challenges might not affect your chances of making it into the group.  And yes, you are highly encouraged to audition on multiple instruments.

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